Friday, July 31, 2009

Palin begins life as a private citizen

This is a very good sign for former Govorner Sarah Palin, A dynamic and vibrant woman.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sarah Palin as Future Leader?.... Very doubtful!

I know that many people are looking to former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as a potential future presidential candidate for the United States, but I am very doubtful that she will arrive at that position.

My opinion is, that although she is a dynamic woman, a pioneer, capable of leading, a strong role model and determined. The presidency is a job that she will not fulfill. Let me say this again, not because she is not capable of leading. Its because our country is on a collision course with destiny.

The America that will emerge in 2012 is an America non of its citizens will have ever seen or even imagined could be possible. It will be adifferent animal alltogether. Will there be women in the new America in key leadership roles? of course, will the new America allow a capable woman to run the county? of course not!

America began with a group of dedicated Christians who fled England for spiritual freedom to practice their religion as they saw fit. That religion was rooted in Judaic beliefs of Ancient Israel and the G-d of Israel. But America does not practice the religion of the founding father's, in the political arena today. But instead practices the religion of secular humanism, paganism and polytheism. And you can best believe that the Muslim religion is on the rise in the United States and will become a dominant religion here. With these factors weaving there way into our society. Sarah Palin and many other G-d fearing American's in the political field will be up for an awesome fight in 2012.

If Sarah Palin pursues the path of presidency, may G-d give her strength! My advice to Sarah Palin, enjoy your family, write a book, you are already creating a tremendous legacy!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Buying a Home Before Summer Ends!

"California housing Finance Agency" has a new round of funding so its a good time to check them out! First time home buyers only sorry. Go to CALHFA site at:

More Info on the President's Stimulus and CALHFA

The President’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan has two components:
The Loan Modification
The Refinance
If you currently have a CalHFA loan, please see the information below.
Due to obligations to our bondholders and investors, CalHFA cannot effectively participate in the President’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. CalHFA borrowers, however, may be eligible for CalHFA’s Loan Modification Program; for more details, please see our
Loan Modification Program page.

CalHFA loans do not qualify for the refinance portion of the President's Stability Plan because those loans must be held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
CalHFA is an investor, not a lender and cannot make loans directly to borrowers. To refinance, please contact a lender in your area.

Todays Real Estate Trends Free Information
Free information site at:
To those who are buying investment only, prices are lowering especially if you are willing to buy outside the Bay Area! Contact me today at:

Get Started before Summer is over!

Creating your family stimulus and restructoring yourself Financially

Ok so we have all read how the larg banking houses have received tax payer funds to stimulate their businesses and restructure their companies. some have fallen away while others were absorbed.

How can you as an ordinary citizen and funder of the bailout benefit too? This is the time for families to come together and think oustide the box. There are goverment grants and funds available to anyone who is willing to do the research and footwork to apply and go after thaose funds. But don't expect the information to just jump out at you. It will reguire a lot of research. or you can hire a professional company to do the work and research for you for a nice hefty fee.

My encouragement to anyone who feels a little trapped by the current economic conditions it to get started with a personal, family and business plan. Take control of your life and start managing your self to acheive a better outcome for your personal future.

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